Hidden Jewel Spa and Massage
"Be good to yourself"

About the Practitioner

Name and Credentials:

Tabitha, Licensed Massage Therapist


Graduate of Arizona School of Massage Therapy

Practice philosophy:

My practice philosophy is to provide with my massages an environment in which my clients can completely relax and focus on themselves.

Why I do what I do:

The reason I have given massages for the last eight years and why I will continue to give massages is for the simple reason of my need to help others to relax and de-stress. I wish to help my clients find balance and peace while alleviating their aches and pains.

I am dedicated to my craft and am always seeking new ways to help my clients alleviate their aches and pains while helping them to relax for I understand how stressful life can be. Family, work, and the everyday grind can be tough on an individual and we must remember to take care of ourselves for we will be of no use to others if we are not balanced ourselves.